Gemscale Troubleshooting

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The back label somehow fell off ... er, got removed  ... 


You're in deep! Since these are digital scales, the electronics can be damaged by static electricity. If the back has been removed, we cannot tell what has been done to them. Hence, we may choose not to even work on scales with removed back labels. The static electricity can cause them to appear to be fine, but in a week or a month, they start acting jittery and unrepeatable. This is very frustrating for us (not to mention, you!).


But not to worry, it's only money. Honesty is the best policy, since the back won't go on again anyhow. We'll fix it (if we can), but we will charge you. No guilt trips. After all, what you need is a working scale.


There really are no user-serviceable parts inside. Quite on the contrary, there are sophisticated computer adjustments which even we can only make here in Waltham, Massachusetts. So you really cannot do anything but damage by messing around inside.


Some people just don't get the idea of not messing around inside sensitive electronic instruments.  It didn't matter what we said ... or even if we necessitated their removing a label which said any warranty was voided when the label was removed.  Here are some fantastic examples.

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