Happy Dog

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Happy's life pretty much paralleled that of Dendritics as a production company.  He was born May 24, 1992.  Joined us in September 92 as a rare greyhound puppy aged only 15 weeks.  Celebrated his 10th birthday in May 2002 and died July 28, 2002.  He was a major force in our interviewing process, passing judgment on one and all without concern for political correctness.  You had to at least think he was OK, or how could you survive?  Irina and her daughter were initially terrified of dogs, but he won them over with his sweet side.

Greyhounds all have thin skin, so it was not surprising that there were a couple of periods when Happy was adorned with so-called Elizabethan Collars.  He did his very best to ignore them and look regal.  It was not easy.  We would tell people he was wearing a radar dish and scanning for booty.

Happy is caught in a rare picture, as a puppy playing with Squirkel.

Nam made this tag for the Puppy

It is a tough life, for a whiney hound.  He got pretty good at this.  And learned not to be whiney.

Standing back was wise, Marian knew what she was doing...

Occasionally, Happy was our clothes horse for parties.  He wore them in good humor, usually.  Well, he tried to.

The following 3 are a cute series of Happy engulfed in the special antistatic foam we used for packaging draftshields.  In the background are the boxes which Dave the Robot came in.

Happy considered it his job to be Lunch Room Monitor, insuring that everyone ate adequately and not too late.  He developed an incredibly accurate sense for High Noon, which seemed to only take 2 days of adjustment for daylight savings time changes.  He was Personal trainer for first Lana and later Carla in the afternoons, insisting that they get some exercise by at least walking around the building to smell the flowers (well, or whatever).

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