On the White Rabbit Theory

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White Rabbit Legends (or All Legends at Once)

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There are two basic theories (with numerous variations) surrounding the creation of good luck for the next month, the Rabbit / Rabbit / Rabbit theory and the competing White Rabbit / White Rabbit / White Rabbit Theory. Or is it "Bad Rabbit" from England?

This was a big controversy at the Lab (and indeed persists around the world) as the theories are not only competing, but also mutually exclusive. Is it good luck to repeat (like a mantra) the phrase Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit as your first words on the first day of the month, or should one say White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit ... Or the Last utterance?  And why does anyone care? Why Indeed?

Is it carnivorous (stealing others' luck) or gentle (getting better luck)?  Izzy think it sounds like transliterated Hebrew, meaning "month abundant" or more simply "(have a) great month"Jan has proposed no fewer than 10 Rules!  A Flemish Giant buck rabbit ties it into Watership Down.  Kevin writes of a tradition in the US military.  Ted quotes Shakespeare.  Heather will send you monthly Alerts.

It is quite amazing, but a lot do care! Check out these Rabid Rabbiters ... Really, if you don't find this fascinating, even alien, you just might be dead.

How Old is This Thing?  More than I bet you thought! Pat in Springfield MA tells of "a girl who worked in our office at that time who practiced the tradition since the early forties".  Dayle first heard about this sweet superstition at sleep-away summer camp in Maine about 35 years ago.  Peg tells of her mother using it as a child in the late 1800's in Kentucky! Gerald dates it from England before 1918, and suspects it came over from Normandy with William I. Dick believes his father (age 86 in 2001) got it from an uncle in 1922, and the uncle caught it in the First World War.

Location? Okinawans suspect it originated in New Zealand.  Rostall heard of it as a young child in Spain.  A Massachusetts man in Hawaii was introduced to the concept in Athens Greece from a woman from St Louis in 1972. Many strands trace it to England.  Jenni in Yorkshire UK says "White Rabbits, White Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, White Rabbits", while her mother also in Yorkshire said White Rabbits just twice at New Year.

What is this: or ? Ask Virginia Peck!

The authoritative Lewiscarroll.org said of this page: "White Rabbit theory: This is not exactly a disease..."!

Books? How to tell a Cat from a Rabbit? Henry Miller wrote of Art and Rabbits. John Steinbeck wrote of Ideas and Rabbits. Then there's The Girl Who Gave Birth To Rabbits or The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits (both books). Jake Gardner wrote on rabbits as predators!  Alan Zweibel tells of doing "Bunny Bunny" with Gilda Radner.  Dick saw "The Rabbit Book", but lost it again.  Kevin half-remembers a children's book as a kid. Peg half-recalls an Evelyn Waugh book, and recites a neat Rabbit quote from another, The Body in the Bonfire by Katherine Hall Page.

We invite you to vote on where your truth lies - You Choose ...
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